GOD Help My Diet!

About the Program 



The basic idea of the God Help My Diet! program is that
dieting is not only a physical process but also a mental as well as a spiritual process.  These three are always working together.

They are intertwined -- each interacting with the other.
 Humans are not body and mind and spirit.  Humans are


What does this mean?  It simply means that all human activity is a combination of these three. These three areas together determine overall HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND WHOLENESS. 

Dieting is as much a spiritual journey as it is a physical process. Success depends on a certain mind-set energized by the Holy Spirit. Here's how it works:

The body--Physically, when we take in fewer
                calories that we need to
survive we lose                 weight. This can be achieved with most
                any diet plan. Some are healthy, some are not.

                   IT IS  STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU        


The mind--The beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and emotions                    we have about everything we experience
                including the food we eat or don't eat --
                are learned by socialization, a process 
                that starts when we are born maybe before. 
                The healing coach is with you as you uncover
                the beliefs, perceptions, thoughts or feelings
                contributing to weight management success
                or blocking your goal achievement.

The Spirit--The divine power that breathes life into the                       human form.                      
                 The Holy Spirit of God, of divine love given to 
                 Unearned, undeserved, always with us, calling
                 us to wholeness with It, calling us to holiness.

     People of faith respond to this call in diverse ways but respond they do!

     Who are people of faith?  People are obviously anyone of the human species but faith quite literally implies "without evidence".  God in the Holy Spirit appears to be without physical evidence on this earthly plane.  We must then look for indirect evidence, but where?  How?  And what exactly to look for?

     As the song says, "Love is the answer..."  We look for Love,  God IS Love, so in order to find God we look for Love.

     How do we recognize True Divine Love?  Always we search, and all too often we "look for love in all the wrong places", to quote another song. Looking for love in material things (including food) or in bodies we find out that they fail an essential requirement of Divine Love.  They do NOT last.     
     The God Help My Diet coach will direct the focus onto the spiritual  power of Divine Love within the dieter. This is where the person's Spiritual Strength to manage physical weight is found.

     Since this power is God-given it is unparalleled and CANNOT be forever lost. It is only the forces of the world that shade God's power until it rests in shadow. 

     The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan is a the road-map out of shadow and into the light of God's power.




The mind--Human beliefs, perceptions and feelings  dermine food choices,   direct  perseverance and
                 consequently control success. In this program
                 you learn to recognize and change any mind-sets that break
                 your weight loss and long-term weight management resolve.

The spirit--Undeserved, unearned, God-bestowed.  Divine grace.
                The unseen power that inspires humans to move              
                closer to perfect Love, GOD.



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